Odessa Hosts Second Round Of Protests

Odessa, TX – Another round of protests were held in downtown Odessa and went without incident on Wednesday evening.

The group ‘In Defense of Black Lives’ marched from City Hall on Eighth Street to the Police Department on Grant and Third Street.  The event began at 6:00 p.m. and the group arrived at the police station just short of 7:00 p.m.

A podium was setup in front of the entrance at the station.  Several speakers, including attorney Gavin Norris, reminded demonstrators they weren’t there as an anti-police protest but to promote racial equality.  Norris delivered the message, “We have to look at issues within our community where we can improve.”

Police Chief Michael Gerke was on-hand and spoke on the police brutality around the nation and said, “This door will be open for members of the community to express their concerns.  I believe improvements start with constructive dialogue and community conversations, followed by actions that address any issues raised.”

The Odessa protestors were allowed space to voice their concerns, and did it peacefully and responsibly.  The group concluded their OPD station gathering and marched back to City Hall where the remaining protestors knelt in remembrance of George Floyd.


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