Odessa PD Makes Jaguars Arrest

Odessa, TX – Eighteen people were arrested on July 10 at the Jaguars Club (6824 Cargo Road) during a permit inspection Sunday night. Officers determined the business was actively involved in sexually oriented activity, according to an affidavit from the Odessa Police Department.

Club management had been notified multiple times in writing of the requirements to obtain and maintain a ‘SOB’ business license over the preceding two years.  According to the OPD Facebook page…

Probable Cause for the Arrest of:

Charge(s): Violation of ‘Sexually Oriented Business’ License or Permit [City Ordinance 4-5 – Local Government Code 243.010(b)], MA

Arrested for violation of Odessa City Ordinance 4-5. Violations included no ‘sexually oriented business’ permit as required, solicitation for prostitution, and other violations contained within the ordinance.

Upon inspection, officers determined that the business was actively involved in sexually oriented activity as defined by Odessa City Ordinance Chapter 4-5. The management of Jaguars had been previously notified multiple times in writing of the requirements to obtain a business license and other health and safety requirements established under the ordinance. Furthermore, Odessa Police Department officers have completed inspections resulting in enforcement action on two previous occasions.

It was determined that Jaguars did not have an active ‘sexually oriented business’ license, which had expired on 4/13/2022. Previously, Jaguars staff members, and written letters provided by Jaguars counsel representing their business, advised that Jaguars was “voluntarily operating as a ‘bikini bar’ and therefore was not classified as an ‘sexually oriented business’ establishment, however they did not want to surrender their SOB license.”

Citizen tips provided to the Odessa Police Department and information developed by OPD officers indicated that Jaguars was operating contrary to their assertion of operating at a ‘bikini bar’.  An operation was planned and undercover officers observed numerous entertainers and non-entertainers engaged in conduct that requires a ‘sexually oriented business’ license. According to the City Ordinance, all persons working in an establishment engaged in SOB-regulated activities are required to obtain a permit regardless of the position they hold.

All parties arrested were charged with violating Odessa City Ordinance Sec. 4-5 – Sexually Oriented Business License Requirements, a Class A misdemeanor punishable by up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.  The cases were referred to the Ector County District Attorney’s Office for review.

Aside from the arrest of the 18 employees, there was no mention if additional action will be taken against the operators of the establishment.

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