Police Arrest Social Media Threat Teen

Carrollton, TX – Police in Carrollton have arrested the 18-year-old who was claiming to have the novel coronavirus COVID-19 on SnapChat. She originally alleged she was actively and willfully spreading it to others.

Carrollton PD Photo

The suspect is Lorraine Maradiaga.  She is being charged for violating Texas Penal Code 22.07 – Terroristic Threat, which is a third-degree felony, for her SnapChat content.

The Carrollton Police arrested Maradiaga after arranging her surrender to the Carrollton City Jail.  After realizing it was not so ha-ha funny, the teen backpedaled her earlier claim of testing positive of the coronavirus.

“Maradiaga is now stating that she is COVID-19 negative, and we currently have no proof that she has tested positive.”, the Carrollton police department said in a press release this morning.

In the reported Snapchat videos, one clip shows a driver going through a drive-thru testing site, and a nurse telling this person to wait at home for results.

A woman identified as Maradiaga was shown in another video recording herself shopping at what she claimed to be a local Walmart.  She said she was going to infect every person there “because if I’m going down, all you [censored] are going down.” Another piece of footage purportedly showed her coughing into the camera, and saying that if the viewer wanted to get COVID-19 and “[censored] die”, then they should call her. She’d shorten their life.

Carrollton is a Metroplex community that lies just northwest of Dallas, Texas.  Maradiaga was arraigned and her bond set at $20,000 before she was transferred to the Denton County Jail.  As a condition of her bond, she is ordered to quarantine for 21 days upon date of release from custody as a precaution.


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