Cedar Park Family Held Hostage

Cedar Park, TX – In a press conference on Sunday night, interim Police Chief Mike Harmon stated three Cedar Park officers were in the Round Rock Medical Center hospital with what appear to be non life-threatening injuries.

A suspect has barricaded inside a home with family members after the officers were shot and injured. The Cedar Park Police Department said the officers were shot while responding to a call at 2304 Natalie Cove around 3:10 p.m. The incident started after the suspect’s mother made the initial call to police, saying her son had kicked in a door and was being aggressive.

Responding officers were met with gunfire once they entered the house. Harmon said the officers returned gunfire, but it is unknown if the suspect was injured in the exchange. The subject, in his mid-20s, is barricaded inside with his mother, a juvenile, and one other person of an unknown age.

Negotiators are in contact with both the suspect and the family members and are trying to end the situation peacefully. The suspect is possibly dealing with mental health issues, according to police.  Law enforcement has responded to the same residence before, but police did not disclose the reason.

Harmon confirmed the suspect had gone live on social media while barricaded inside the house. A video was reported by witnesses to have shown someone pleading with a man on the phone to “go outside and get in the ambulance” because he was bleeding.

The interim police chief directed a comment to the shooter inside. “If you’re listening to this, please come out and surrender yourself peacefully, so we can resolve this situation tonight. We don’t want to see anybody else get hurt, and please take this to heart, we want to end this peacefully for everybody involved.”


August 16 briefing with Police Chief Mike Harmon


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