Attempted Escape Comes Crashing Down

Dayton, OH – An apparent jailbreak didn’t go quite as planned as a Montgomery County, Ohio inmate had hoped. Jessica Boomershine is this week’s Least Intelligent Criminal award winner.

Boomershine was originally arrested for assaulting an 85-year-old at gunpoint. She and a co-defendant broke into the man’s home after meeting him at a Miamisburg casino. The pair took the man’s gun, kidnapped him and forced him to provide the code to his bank card, withdrew money from his account at an ATM, placed him in the trunk of his car, and then abandoned the vehicle near a trash facility.

The 42-year-old was eventually located and taken into custody.  Surveillance video shows the suspect in a facility holding room. It was there that she decides to drag a chair to the wall, climb up and scale the wall, then wiggle through a hole in the ceiling… before falling back down. Other inmates can be seen watching the convict attempt the brainless task while she ascended.

After about 15 seconds, debris started to fall from the ceiling and correctional officers rushed to the area as Boomershine came crashing through. One officer grabbed onto Boomershine, who landed in a trash can head first before crashing to the floor.  She was processed and taken to a concrete cell… without ceiling tiles.

Video:  Montgomery County Detention Center

While she was not injured from the incident, Boomershine now faces further charges for escape and destruction of property. She also earns this week’s “Least Intelligent Criminals” award on The B.


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