Inconvenience Falling – ‘B LIC’ Award

Spruce Grove – The ‘B’ Least Intelligent Criminal Award for this week goes to Brittany Burke (29) and Richard Pariseau (28).  The pair tried to escape, but Burke came crashing down.

Two missing ceiling tiles and a bent metal shelf are the only signs left behind after an eventful arrest at a Spruce Grove Reddi Mart. Pariseau tried to make a purchase using a stolen credit card, which prompted store owner Bhagwant Chauhan to notify authorities.  When the police arrived at the convenience store, the suspects attempted to flee.

While the officer wrestled with Pariseau, Burke ran into the store’s back room. There, she scaled a ladder and then clambered into the space above the ceiling tiles.

Security video captured Burke falling through the ceiling, crashing onto a product rack, and losing a shoe in a senseless attempt at escape. She was quickly arrested and taken into custody. Meanwhile, Pariseau resisted arrest, at one point throwing bags of snack food at officers in the store. He was then tasered and wrestled to the ground by Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers.

Pariseau faces 11 charges, including – using a stolen credit card, resisting arrest, assaulting a police officer, attempting to disarm a police officer, and resisting arrest from someone aiding the police. Burke has been charged with obstructing a police officer, failure to comply, and damage to the store property.


Burke’s bruised back ceiling fail, and Pariseau’s use of a stolen credit card to buy a can of Pepsi, earns the couple this week’s “Least Intelligent Criminals” award on The B.


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