Logan’s Closing As Lender Pulls Funds

Nashville, TN – The parent company of the Logan’s Roadhouse, Craftworks Holdings, says it is “mothballing” all 261 of its restaurants after a lender withdrew financing on the heels of a Chapter 11 filing.  The financing was withdrawn because of the “unprecedented and unforeseen outbreak of COVID-19”. 

All of the restaurants have been closed and all of the employees have been terminated. Due to social distancing and COVID-19 health guidelines, Logan’s Roadhouse decided to temporarily close until further notice. Craftworks asked its creditors for “a necessary breathing spell of at least 60 days and possibly longer”. The situation could be a glimpse of the future for a number of chains that were struggling financially before the pandemic prompted state after state to curb restaurant operations and encourage consumers to stay at home.

Craftworks filed for Chapter 11 protection on March 3. In addition to Logan’s, the company operates RockBottom Restaurant & Brewery, Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant Group and ChopHouse, and Old Chicago.

In a posted message on the Logan’s website to its loyal guests and communities, “From the day Logan’s Roadhouse was founded, taking care of our guests and employees has been our top priority. Properly balancing the needs of so many through this COVID-19 crisis has been incredibly challenging for us all. After many long days and nights, we’ve made the difficult decision to temporarily close all corporate restaurants until further notice.

The post went on to say, “It’s hard, and it’s heartbreaking for the thousands of our heroes, our team members. Social distancing is something we’re not used to doing, but social gatherings on the other hand, game on! Once this is all over, we’d love to invite y’all to kick back at our house, have an incredible hand-cut steak, an ice-cold beer, and enjoy the fellowship of our community. Americans always find a way to persevere, and as the Real American Roadhouse, we will too. We are committed to our mission to be the best everyday authentic roadhouse – serving quality steaks, a kickin’ bar and an upbeat dining experience.

Logan’s had 21 operating restaurants serving Texas, including locations in Odessa, Midland, Abilene, and Lubbock


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