Videos Released Of Anders Arrest

Midland, TX – After a video went viral on social media, Midland police officers arresting Tye Anders drew the watchful eyes of the community.  Today, videos have been released of the incident from May 16.

An officer was driving behind Anders when he noticed him driving suspiciously. After failing to come to a complete stop at two intersections, a Midland police patrolman attempted to make a traffic stop. Anders kept driving another two blocks and pulled into his grandmother’s driveway. Anders refused to exit his vehicle, so back-up MPD officers were called to the house.

The family and their lawyer held a virtual press conference earlier this week to say that Anders was assaulted while handcuffed, and that the charge against him should be dropped. Below are the videos released by the City of Midland and MPD.

Video:  MPD shortened video with caption

Video: MPD Front Camera Footage

Video: MPD Full Length Body Cam Footage



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