Sixth Positive Case In Midland

Midland, TX – The sixth positive test of coronavirus has been confirmed by the Midland Health Department. It was announced yesterday that a female in her twenties tested positive at a private provider.  Two more cases have been added today.

The Midland Memorial Hospital website is reporting that it has performed over 190 tests. Of those tests, four have come back positive.  Officials are waiting for the remaining results.  There are three other active confirmed cases in the Tall City.  The first Midland COVID-19 patient, a 60 year-old male, passed on Tuesday morning after being admitted back on March 14 with no significant underlying medical conditions. The second person now under medical care is in his mid-60s, and the third is a juvenile that has traveled with family recently and was exposed to a known person who tested positive.  The Midland County count currently stands at six that have tested positive.

Memorial Hospital chief medical officer, Dr. Larry Wilson, said in today’s press conference, “It is likely the person contracted the virus in some capacity locally and “without any direct recognition of where that source came from, which means that we are blind, and we are exposed. And, if we don’t stay removed from the sources of that infection, we can be spreading it much more widely.”

Wilson says there are reports that indicate if one person is recognized as positive, there are probably between five and ten infected people that officials have not identified or tested yet.  According to Wilson, “Just think of the magnitude when talking about four or five cases in Midland right now. That suggests we already are potentially up to 50 cases. I hope that’s not true.”

Wilson says there are currently 18 persons under investigation at Memorial. Three of those patients are on ventilators in the hospital’s CCU, and the remaining are all on a medical floor and all doing reasonably well.  It is imperative that Permian Basin residents keep adhering to the self-isolating and social distancing themselves from others.


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