Shadow Gate: Millie Weaver Report

Portage County, Ohio (The B) – Is it another conspiracy theory or exposing the swamp?  The controversial video documentary by reporter Millie Weaver hit the internet on Friday and leaves you wondering.

On August 11, Weaver posted on Twitter a trailer to the now released video documentary with the caption: “The ObamaGate scandal only scratches the surface. This may the biggest whistleblowing event to date. Official Trailer – Shadow Gate.”

The tweet went viral with over seven thousand retweets and eight thousand likes in a few hours. The narration in the trailer says, “Both parties are equally guilty in what should turn out to be an even bigger scandal. Shadow Gate the tactical and operational role the shadow government played behind the scenes carrying out the coup against President Trump.” The trailer also detailed that the documentary would detail who the real puppetmasters and string-pullers are.

‘Shadow Gate’ tells the tale of two whistleblowers who claim that a secretive network of government and military insiders have ‘backdoor’ access to intelligence agencies and information on elite personalities including politicians which would be used to blackmail powerful people. Not just that, the film was details how military psychological warfare programs are used against people through mainstream corporate media and social media. One of the whistleblowers in the film named Tore was recently suspended by Twitter.

In a strangely coincidental turn of events on Friday, Weaver and her boyfriend were arrested at their home in the wake of the documentary release. The Portage County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Weaver is in their custody and said that she was served a secret indictment. Currently, she is being charged for robbery (second-degree felony), tampering with evidence (third-degree felony), obstructing justice (fifth-degree felony), and domestic violence, according to the indictment filed on July 20 in Portage County Court of Common Pleas.

As per the Sheriff’s Office, she was held without bond and remained in custody over the weekend and will appear before a judge today. Her boyfriend, 45-year-old Gavin Wince, is also being held on the same charges.

The news first surfaced on Twitter when Weaver posted a video of officers knocking her door and announcing her arrest on the front porch with her children. When she asked the reason, she was told that a “Grand Jury indicted her for burglary”. The one-minute 50-second clip soon made its way to Twitter and was shared by several social media users.

A one time model from California in her teenage years, Weaver began working for Alex Jones’ Infowars in 2012. Born in San Bernardino, California, the 29-year-old was an aspiring actress and singer who went on to be a political activist and reporter. She is a mother to a four-year-old son and a nine-month-old daughter.

As far as the documentary video, watch it here in its entirety…


Disclaimer : Wild theories concerning this video have started to spiral out of nowhere, many of which began with word of Weaver’s arrest on August 14 for allegedly obtaining leaked government documents. The Basin Report cannot independently verify the claims or allegations made in this documentary.

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