Odessa Shooting 2019: A Look Back

Odessa, Texas (The B) – Tomorrow will mark exactly one year since insanity struck the City of Odessa and its community. A disgruntled employee would unleash evil on a day that otherwise had the makings of a typical Saturday afternoon. Instead, the gunman went on a rampage that resulted in the death of seven people while wounding 25 others merely being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Seth” had got in a dispute had been fired from his trucking job in West Odessa just hours before his remorseless killing began. He had made a trip to Midland and was heading back toward Odessa, before getting pulled over by a Texas State Trooper for a minor traffic violation. During the stop on Interstate 20, he pulled out an AR-type rifle and discharged the weapon at the troopers and fled the scene. Making his way into town, he sprayed several rounds randomly at residents and motorists.

The gunman continued west down the heavy populated 42nd St. He spotted a white US Postal Service vehicle off of Dixie Blvd. In desperation, he hijacked the minivan and shot and killed the driver. “Seth” continued to spray random rounds as he headed back east from Grandview Ave. to East Loop 338. Once on Highway 191, law enforcement officers were able to corral and force him off of the roadway. The evil would come to end during a shootout in the back of the Cinergy theater parking lot.

Among the wounded were a 17-month-old girl and three law enforcement officers. Those fatally shot were between 15 and 57 years old. The police investigation covered over 15 different crime scenes and numerous cars and properties that had to be processed from the afternoon’s madness.

The following day, the City of Odessa released the names of the seven people who died and 25 people who were injured from the mass shooting. There were two injured walk-in patients that the city did not have names or additional information.


  • Rodolfo Julio Arco (57) Odessa, TX
  • Kameron Karltess Brown (30) Brownwood, TX
  • Raul Garcia (35) El Paso, TX
  • Mary Granados (29) Odessa, TX
  • Joe Griffith (40) Odessa, TX
  • Leilah Hernandez (15) Odessa, TX
  • Edwin Peregrino (25) Odessa, TX


  • Zachary Owens, Midland PD
  • James Santana, Odessa PD
  • Chuck Pryor, Texas DPS
  • Jesus Alvidrez (21) Gardendale, TX
  • Timmoth Beard (55) San Antonio, TX
  • Maria Boado (27) Haileah, FL
  • Robert Cavasoz (38) Alice, TX
  • Marco Corral (62) San Diego, CA
  • Glenda Dempsy (62) Odessa, TX
  • Lilia Diaz (46) Odessa, TX
  • Coy Edge (53) Odessa, TX
  • Quadri Fatai (41) Houston, TX
  • Joseph Glide (60) Odessa, TX
  • Marc Gonzales (38) Odessa, TX
  • Bradley Grimsley (64) Clarksville, TX
  • Timmothy Hardaway (54) Brownwood, TX
  • Nathan Hernandez (18) Odessa, TX
  • Krystal Lee (36) Odessa, TX
  • Daniel Munoz (28) Yuma, AZ
  • Efe Obayagbona (45) Round Rock, TX
  • Larry Shores (34) Abilene, TX
  • Infant Female (17 months) Odessa, TX
  • Minor Male (9) Odessa, TX



Press conference from the following day, September 1, 2019

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