Odessa Pursuit Ends In Shooting

Odessa, TX – While conducting narcotics investigation this evening, Odessa Police Department would wind up pursuing a suspect from the Interstate 20 service road to West Odessa. The chase ended with shots being fired.

At approximately 8:00 p.m., Odessa Police Department officers were conducting a narcotics investigation. The male suspect managed to evade the officers in a dark colored SUV.  Officers were able to locate the vehicle at the intersection of Interstate 20 and Meadow Avenue in south east Odessa, where the vehicle appeared to have stalled and had come to rest.

While officers searched the area intently looking for the subject, the suspect was able to hijack and steal one of the Odessa Police cruisers.  The eluding culprit made his way west, where the police vehicle and suspect were wrecked near the crossroad of West 18th Street on Moss Avenue.  During the event, officers fired their duty weapons as the suspect attempted to again evade capture.

As with all officer involved shootings, it is procedural for the investigation to be turned over to the Texas Rangers. The investigation of these events will continue.  More details will be follow as they become available.


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