One-On-One With Dr. Tiki Davis

Odessa, TX – This week’s One-On-One features Dr. Tiki Davis. Award-winning entrepreneur, successful businessman, author, speaker and actor, Davis considers himself blessed to be able to motivate others.

I first met Tiki during the filming of ‘Friday Night Lights’, back in 2003-04 at Ratliff Stadium. He was a charismatic young man with stars in his eyes and high hopes of the FNL movie leading to more opportunity in his acting career.

Davis grew up in Odessa and Andrews. He has faced numerous obstacles that could have derailed and destroyed a lot of people. A series of adverse events in his life could have easily turned him into just another statistic. Davis explains, “God promises that no weapon formed against a believer shall prosper, but Satan continues to wield those weapons in the never-ending clash of good versus evil. I almost lost my life at age nine to a madman brandishing a screwdriver. I was shuttled around to group homes after my mother went to prison, all the way to incarceration due to false accusation at age 17. Satan’s weapons were employed.”

Through his own determination and support of many people, Davis earned both his Bachelor’s degree in communications and Master’s degree from Sul Ross State University. Being a self-motivated young man in the Permian Basin, he turned this attention to the oilfield. He used his on-the-job experience to eventually become an independent consultant. That would lead him to form his own company, where he worked and formed relationships with wildcatter-businessman Clayton Williams, Jr. Davis was the only quality control engineer used by Williams’ company for a seven-year period. That would come to an end in 2017, when CWI sold for a then-record $2.7 billion.

Davis thinks better oilfield planning is what it’s going to take to recover from the current slump were are facing. “I think it’s going to take more planning, and people need to learn to hedge their oil more efficiently. We got to make better business principles, so no matter what the economy is – up or down – we’re doing business at a certain level regardless of market trading prices.”

Our conversation then focused on the current unrest across our nation, which is a topic of discussion by force – not by choice. What advise would he give to this global community, that’s going through such a gauntlet of troubling times? “When I speak to individuals of all gender and race that are out protesting, I tell them they need to do their history. They need to realize why are they protesting. These situations have been happening a long time. If it’s because of a couple of recent events, they need to understand it’s much larger than that… and violence is not the key, nor is racism is the key. I view it as – it’s not a color thing, it’s a character thing.  But, make no mistake about it, black lives do matter.”

When asked what did he think it’s gonna take for us to become a better people, Davis stated in simplest terms for all, “It has to start with education. No matter if you’re Democrat or Republican, Liberal or Conservative, we are ALL children of God. People need to put their political beliefs aside. We need to get all stones unturned, views together, and have the conversation for everyone to check what’s inside their hearts. If we’re going to make this country great, it has to start with you. You have to make yourself great. Be the change you want to see.”

Seeking to do more in his community and expand his interests beyond oil and gas, Davis entered into real estate. He purchased Sam’s BBQ. He quickly expanded the restaurant’s catering business and turned it into one of the most successful oilfield catering companies in the area. His latest endeavor is as a speaker, sharing his story. According to Davis, “Down in Edinburg (TX), I spoke to a crowd of 8,000. I’ve shared the stage with other speakers in such places as California, North Carolina, and Florida to name a few.”

Through the ‘Tiki Factor’, Davis hopes to help others in making a total commitment to their hopes and dreams by providing them with the insight and inspiration to be able to live their lives to the fullest. He has been able to brand his name and make an acronym out of it.

  • T is for Total Commitment. “I try to educate people to make a total commitment to your life.”
  • I is for Imagination. “Live off of your imagination and not your history.”
  • K is for Kindred Spirit. “People you surround yourself with affect you.”
  • I is for Invest in Yourself. “A lot of times people didn’t invest in me, so I invested in myself and I made a believer out of them.”

The Permian Basin native also has a new book out. “Break Through” features Davis, along with authors Johnny Wimbrey, Nik Halik, Les Brown, and others. It is a compelling compilation book of triumphs over adversity. Davis is also working on an autobiography, tentatively entitled ‘I Had To Lose To Win’ with a press date expected in 2021.

Another enjoyable One-On-One sit down session in the books. It’s good to see the right attitude and education has paid dividends for my ‘Friday Night Lights’ partner, brother, and friend. We’re checking the gate. [movie jargon] Thank you Tiki for the visit.  It’s a wrap!

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