Pet Place on The B

Help our little furry friends find forever homes!
Please Support Adoption and Animal Rescues! Why go to a dog/cat breeder or pet store to buy a dog or cat, when you can adopt? Dog and cat adoptions save lives.

Animal shelters and rescues are filled with dogs and cats who must find homes, with some of these little lives facing being euthanized. Many of these animals have had unfortunate experiences and are looking for a caring human to change their lives for the better. That someone could be you!

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You Can Also Try The Following:

Humane Society – Odessa 7012 W Mockingbird 432-381-5503
Peeps and Creeps 8535 W Hwy 158 432-520-8387
Andrews Rescue P.O. Box 1631 432-355-6155
Grand Companions 2701 S County Rd 1206 432-426-3724
Lone Star Sanctuary 4200 N Fairgrounds Rd 432-683-7387
Happy Day – Big Spring 5710 W I-20 432-267-7832
NewBark – San Angelo 7043 S Hwy 277 325-651-0659


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